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Duran Duran Band Profile

Duran Duran Buttons

My Duran Duran Buttons from the 80s

Duran Duran has had a few different musicians join them over the years but have never ceased to be a band. They’ve produced incredible music over the decades and have just released “All You Need Is Now” which they are supporting with a tour this years!

The current lineup consists of Simon LeBon, John Taylor, Nick Rhodes and Roger Taylor, who has rejoined the band after a very long absence. Andy Taylor is the only original member who is not with the band at this time.

Being such innovators from the start, and embracing new media, methods and technology, it’s not surprising that the band (and its individual members) have gone all ‘Social Media’ – Tweeting like crazy, Facebooking and even putting on a special live concert on YouTube that was directed by David Lynch.

Duran Duran’s New Album is Out Now!

If you want your Duran Duran, ‘All You Need is Now’ – because they never went anywhere! Just d/l the album, or a few songs (I recommend ‘The Man Who Stole a Leopard’ – currently my favorite song), and check out the tour dates. Get your DD fix!


Duran Duran Tour

Duran Duran Official Site

Duran Duran on Facebook
  John Taylor on Facebook
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Duran Duran on Twitter
  John Taylor on Twitter
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Duran Duran on YouTube

Duran Duran on MySpace

Foreigner Tour

Foreigner Tour at their Official Site

Journey 2011

Journey 2011 at their Official Site

Duran Duran Tour

Duran Duran Tour at their Official Site

Bon Jovi in Concert

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